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Pharmaceutical track and trace system

The pharmaceutical track and trace system is an innovative logistics technology that allows for the tracking of drugs throughout the entire supply chain. The track and trace system is a great way for countries that lack resources or have difficulty accessing efficient medical treatment to develop solutions for drug counterfeiting. This can be because many people living in these areas do not enjoy its benefits, which leads them to more illness due to ignorance on part of the government about how important tracking down counterfeit drugs really is. With increasing patient numbers compared with steady growth within our global population as well as increased odds when purchasing medicine online from overseas retailers who may never actually visit your home country - this has made selling counterfeit products all too common in the industry. The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-trillion-dollar global business that generates many jobs, but it also faces security threats like counterfeit drugs which have increased by 69% over the last 5 years. This poses great risks not only for businesses in terms of lost revenue but there are also 100 thousand human lives at stake every year as well!

The pharmaceutical industry has been combating counterfeiting by making track and trace technology a global standard since 2000. This practice was first introduced in Turkey for large-scale projects, which led many other countries to implement similar practices within their own products as well, including the European Union, United States of America (USA), or Russia - among others. In many countries, pharmaceutical track and trace solutions have been adopted quickly. This is due to the efforts made by global organizations such as GS1 in developing standards for supply chain management that are suitable across all industries with an emphasis on accuracy at every level of the production process from sourcing through distribution channels including hospitals/clinics etc., ensuring better customer service while also reducing wastefulness along these paths where it can be easily tracked back down each one if needed.

Track and Trace Productivity:

With the help of drug track and trace systems, manufacturers can increase efficiency in both production as well as sales. These features also allow for studies that help companies compete among themselves since the information obtained from these systems is used to conduct research on the best ways to improve processes within a business area. The pharmaceutical industry is one that demands strict compliance with regulations. To ensure the safety and quality of their products, all manufacturers are required by law to track and trace every stage in the production process - from sourcing raw materials right down through distribution channels for disposal or reuse as animal feedstocks after use-to provide transparent information about where these items come into contact during transport so there's no question on whether they meet food safety standards when entering another country’s market.


Pharmaceutical track and trace solutions are essential for ensuring patient safety, maintaining product quality, and preventing counterfeit products from entering the supply chain. Vanguard Vision has team members with over a decade of experience providing these critical solutions to some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Our team is an expert in implementing comprehensive track and trace systems that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. If you need help with your track and trace solution, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs and recommend a solution that fits your unique requirements.

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