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Robotic Assistance - The Future of the Workplace

The current economic climate is shifting constantly, yet many people are not sure of the potential advantages robotics could have in the workplace. In this early phase, it's so important to see the advantages/ disadvantages associated with robotics, in order to have a clear idea on how this may be capitalized for the benefit of workers. We all know about the benefits associated with robotics: low cost for products, faster productivity, etc. However, let's take a closer look at the current state of robotics technology (as it relates to businesses in general).

A robotic repair worker is safer than a human being in a lot of situations. Most people will have a hard time believing this, as we've had plenty of close calls while working with heat, fire, chemicals, electricity, etc. But when you have a robotic repairman in the building next to a human, you know that he is just a touch safer, due to the fact that robotics can take most of the dangers out of the equation. Due to this, a business is not only protecting their human workforce, but also their machines, and reducing the overall risk/cost associated with doing business.

Another advantage of robotics is that due to the advancements in computer-chip technology, the cost for manufacturing is constantly coming down. Robotic technology is not a new idea, as computers and robots have been around for decades. However, with the advent of desktop and laptop computers, the price has come way down. Now that there are handheld devices, which run on autopilot, robotics is poised to enter the mainstream and really make a difference in how businesses are run. Smaller, more personal businesses would particularly benefit from this as well.

If you think about it, though, there are many advantages to using robotics, not just for industrial applications. Consider if you will the advantages of having a robotic assistant at home. While the cost might make you think twice about this, think about what this does to your life. With a robotic assistant at home, cleaning the house, taking the garbage out, putting the children to bed, and many other tasks, you don't have to worry about getting out of work because you've got a robot to do the work.

Now consider if you will the same situation in the workplace, but this time with artificial intelligence in place. When you're at work, you have many more distractions, as well as the fact that you are surrounded by artificial lights, sounds, and smells, which can take away from your concentration. However, with robotics in place, you don't need to worry about these distractions, and you can get much more done during your workday. You will be able to focus more and increase productivity.

The possibilities for this type of automation are endless, as more industries discover the productivity benefits of incorporating robotics into their workplace. Just think how awesome it would be to no longer have to worry about getting the kids ready for school or picking up the kids after school. All you have to do is sit down at your computer, program the robot, and it'll do a lot of the work. The possibilities for these types of systems are only limited by your imagination. It's only a matter of realizing that there is a need for robots in the workplace and that it is absolutely essential that we figure out how to automate our businesses and provide value to the current human workforce.

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