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Serialization Project Plan
Serialized Carton


We integrate Computer / Machine Vision Inspection Systems, Serialization, Aggregation, Brand Protection, and Traceability solutions.  We integrate Robotics and Smart Vision Sensors.  Using the most innovative technology available we ensure innovation, reliability, and the top quality of your systems. Vanguard Vision provides fast, high quality, and under budget services that efficiently help improve processes and optimize production results.

  • User Requirement Specifications (URS)

  • Detailed Design Specifications (DDS)

  • Configuration Specifications (CS)

  • Assessment

  • Vision Evaluation

  • Hardware Installation

  • Systems Integration

  • Robot Integration

  • Software Configuration

  • Smart Sensors Integration & Configuration for IIoT and Industry 4.0

  • Systems Troubleshooting & Support

  • Automation Integrators Certified in Serialization

Serialization Validation


Let Vanguard Vision keep your Computer / Machine Vision Inspection Systems, Serialized Packaging Lines, Computer Systems and Equipment simple and cost-effective.


Our cGMP engineering & technical professionals have extensive experience in Validations, Vision Inspection Systems, Track & Trace, Serialization. Packaging Systems and associated equipment.


Our validation services include; Validation Strategy Master Planning; Validation Protocol Development & Execution, Computer System and Automation Validation; Utility and Equipment Validation and Commissioning activities.


  • Pre-FAT

  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

  • Pre-SAT

  • Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

  • Commissioning

  • Installation Qualification (IQ)

  • Operational Qualification (OQ)

  • Performance Qualification (PQ)

  • Verifications​ & Validation (V&V)

  • Computer Systems Validation (CSV)

  • Validation Experts Certified in Serialization



Let Vanguard Vision help you make your business better guiding you to be in compliance with the Global Track & Trace Regulations and Drugs Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).


We have certified resources with the top Serialization solutions in the market.


We can provide worldwide:

  • Project Management

  • Project Engineering

  • Field Engineering

  • Automation Integrators Certified in Serialization

  • Validation Specialists Certified in Serialization


In the service area, we perform:

  • Installations

  • Configurations

  • Programming

  • New recipe creation

  • Existing recipes modifications and optimization

  • Fine-tuning

  • New data for printing

  • New inspection tools to verify the new data printed

  • Printer Data Templates Creation, Modifications and Optimization


Certified with Systech One, Optel Group,

and Cognex; solutions, software, and hardware.


Serialization Project Management


Projects are one time and there's only one chance to get it right!


Project Managers learn from experience what works and what doesn't!


Vanguard Vision, LLC, provides support and consulting services sharing the expertise from previous assignments to ensure the current and future projects will be managed in the most efficient way.  Prioritizing on minimizing the risk, maximizing the quality of the final product, reaching the objectives and controlling the budget with proven solutions and informed decisions.

Project Lifecycle



Project Initiation and Analysis

Design and Configuration


Project Closure

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